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Smärta i käkarna eller tänderna på grund av tandgnissling? Ett tandskydd kan vara lösningen. Genom att bära tandskydd kan du minska effekterna av tandgnissling och ibland till och med stoppa det. Freshz erbjuder ett varierande sortiment, kolla in det nedan.

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Visa som Rutnät Listvy

16 artiklar

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What is teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding is the movement of the teeth on top of each other. This causes a grinding sound.

Teeth grinding usually occurs during sleep and can have various negative consequences. Sometimes gritting is also confused with clamping the jaws, but in the case of jaw clamps, the molars and teeth do not move over each other. However, there is tension on the jaw here.

Negative effects of teeth grinding

When you suffer a lot from tooth grinding, this can lead to many problems. The most obvious is physical damage to the teeth, where, for example, parts of the enamel break down. This can be cosmetically unattractive, but can also cause all kinds of dental problems. Without enamel, the teeth are very prone to cavities and infections.

Problems can also arise in the jaw. Moreover, there are clear indications that teeth grinding can lead to small growths of the lower jawbone. Although this is usually not harmful, it can lead to complaints or anxiety when an unknown bump is felt in the gums.

Fortunately, using a mouthguard can reduce or prevent the effects of teeth grinding. However, it is important to choose the right mouth guard. A custom fit is the best choice to completely protect your teeth. Mouth guards that are preformed or of poor quality may cause irritation or insufficient protection.

What is a good mouth guard?

Many people suffer from tooth grinding while sleeping. By wearing a night guard you can reduce or prevent damage to your teeth that you cause while you sleep.  The mouth guard provides protection for your teeth. Do you choose to buy a night guard? Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the night guard adapts to the shape of you tooth?
  • Is the material firm?
  • Is the mouth guard not too big (causes no gum irritation)?
  • Does it cover all teeth and molars?